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The Ridley is THE destination for upscale-casual dining and fresh seafood offerings in Charlottesville, Virginia. Located within The Draftsman boutique hotel, The Ridley combines convenience and accessibility with an unparalleled dining experience. As one of Charlottesville’s Black-owned restaurants, the concept pays homage to Dr. Walter N. Ridley, the first Black student to graduate from The University of Virginia and receive a graduate degree from any major historically white public university in the South.

Black-Owned Experiential Dining


The man behind our name.

Walter Nathaniel Ridley was the first African-American to receive an academic doctoral degree from a traditional Southern white college or university. Dr. Walter Ridley earned the doctorate of education degree from the University of Virginia in 1953.

A percentage of our annual profits will be donated to The Ridley Foundation. To learn more about the foundation, click the link below.

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